French member committee launches first Future Energy Leaders' Programme

30th November 2018

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The French  Committee of the World Energy Council, Conseil Français de l'Énergie, recently launched their first ever Future Energy Leaders’ programme, during an animated meeting in the heart of Paris.  Approximately twenty young professionals from the entire spectrum  of the energy sector alongside business, universities, government, research institutions and other energy-related organisations were present.

The  Council's FEL-100 programme convenes a hundred young people who will be tomorrow's energy leaders. This international network of young people is constantly growing.

The idea is to offer young energy professionals and informed students at the end of their training, a platform to discuss relevant energy issues, an opportunity to network with current  energy leaders and develop their own projects. There are also opportunities to participate in the activities of the French Energy Council, including working groups.

A second meeting was held on 6 November, under the theme "Energy and Digital", where the young professionals had an opportunity to select a topic to work on: the energy and digital transition for energy access in Europe.  The impact of digitalisation on fuel poverty and the need for more inclusion of market design was also addressed.

The next step  is to organise a conference in quarters 2- 3 of  2019 to discuss and address the following questions:
  • Is peer-to-peer compatible with energy inclusion?
  • Is demand response always a choice?
  • Has strong integration of renewables had an impact on energy inclusion via energy prices?
FEL-France is considering the opportunity to launch one or two other initiatives on cross-cutting topics.

Alena Fargère and Lolita Carry, the two candidates selected for the FEL-France this year, are  very active in the programme, thus providing a real link between the two initiatives.

The next meeting scheduled for January should make it possible to organise the conference on a much deeper level, including the selection of qualified speakers.

For more information and if you want to get involved, please contact!

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