Lebanon Committee Supports Young People Education Initiative

18th August 2015

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A new textbook on Renewable Energy for Elementary Schools in Lebanon 

In 2014 the Lebanon Member Committee awarded $1,500 to the Lebanese International University for a project to develop a textbook on renewable energy for elementary schools in Lebanon
The textbook, which will be available at the 2015 Beirut Energy Forum, covers renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind and hydro using simple terminologies and an approach that is suitable for young children with limited knowledge of physics, chemistry and mathematics.

The textbook has 7 chapters, each one covering a different renewable energy with several sections introducing the basic concepts and many illustrations that will attract children at an early stage in their education. Each chapter concludes with a set of exercise so that teachers can see how well children have understood the various concepts introduced.

The authors believe that there are benefits of introducing the concepts of renewable energy at an early stage in the education system to be gained in later years.  Once the textbook is approved by the Ministry of Education, it will become an essential part of the curriculum of elementary schools in Lebanon along with other scientific courses.

The Lebanon Member Committee has further plans to expand its activities with universities in order to create a common platform between business and educational sectors in Lebanon.



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