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Mexican research centers join forces to promote innovations in energy

14th May 2018

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Leonardo Beltrán, Deputy Secretary for Planning and Energy Transition, Mexico, gave an overview of the work and mission of the Centers for Energy Innovation (CEMIE), at an exclusive breakfast meeting organised by the Mexican member committee of the World Energy Council.
The centers (CEMIEs) established under the present government, are groups of public or private research centers, higher education institutions, companies and government entities focusing on carrying out extensive research and development on the areas of solar, wind, geothermal, bioenergy and ocean energy.
Each center has developed medium-term and long-term scientific-technological planning and have several strategic lines of research. They operate autonomously, but are supervised by representatives of the Energy Secretariat and the National Council of Science and Technology.
Mr Beltran commented:This is the first time in Mexico that we have seen various groups from different entities working in the same area, join forces to work on the same objective and carry on energy innovation."
Since they do not have a specific physical location or space, the CEMIEs are virtual centers. However, this does not stop participating organisations bringing together the best and most specialised departments for applied research and technological development in their area.
In line with the aims of the Energy Sustainability Fund, the development of the projects of the different CEMIES has the following objectives: Their main goals are technical innovation and human resources development. Other objectives include:
  • Promote innovation, through the adoption, transfer and assimilation of innovative technology
  • Link the academic and industry sectors
  • Strengthen the scientific and technological research infrastructure in Mexico
  • To analyse and publish the potential of the clean energies available in Mexico
  • Promote knowledge and disseminate accurate information on the use and exploitation of renewable energy resources
  • Contribute to the improvement of the legal and regulatory framework regarding renewable energy sources, in addition to planning the development and exploitation of knowledge
As a result, between the six combined centers, 55 PhD candidates graduated, with 22 prototypes developed within the last four years.


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