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3rd July 2019

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Annual Joint Congress of the Mexican Energy Associations
On 30th and 31st of May, the Annual Joint Congress of the Mexican Energy Associations was held in Villahermosa, State of Tabasco in Mexico. Seven associations organized a panel on the Congress Theme “The Energy Sector at the Service of México; Challenges and Opportunities”. The inaugural ceremony was lead by the Energy Secretary, Rocio Nahle.

Our Mexican Member Committee, the association WEC.MEX, organized the panel entitled “The Challenges of Clean Technologies in the Medium and Long Term”. The panel was presided by our president, Angelica Ruiz, CEO of BP Mexico. Juan Eibenschutz, WEC Honorary President and Director General of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, discussed the necessity to re-start the nuclear program, including new technologies like the Small Nuclear Reactors. Diego Arjona, Director General of the National Institute for Electricity and Clean Energies, presented the status and projections of renewable energies as well as the efforts in developing CCUS process in México. Humberto Marengo, Senior Research Staff at the Engineering Institute of our National University, concentrated his remarks on the potential of hydro-energy emphasizing the efforts to develop energy storage installations.

The overall discussion after the presentations was based on how fast the implementation of these technologies could be carried out in order to assure that our contribution to GHG emissions will be curtailed so that a minimum of catastrophic damage occurs due to the impact of the resulting atmospheric temperature increase.
Seminar on “Actualization in Energy Systems based on Publications of the World Energy Council”
The Council's Mexico Member Committee, the National Institute of Electricity and Clean Energies (INEEL), the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), the National Academy of Engineering of Mexico (AIM) and the Colegio de México (COLMEX) initiated the fifth edition of the seminar on “Actualization in Energy Systems based on Documents of the World Energy Council”, on May 22.

Almost 100 participants registered  from all over the country .  The 5th version of this seminar consists of 54 conferences divided into five modules.

In the first module, twelve presentations describe the different types of energy resources available in nature that are the primary energy inputs to the energy sector. The second module consists of fourteen presentations that describe and analyze the strategic aspects of energy systems and their complexities, as for example the energy scenarios. In the third module, twelve topics about specific perspectives with respect to their optimal performance as for example the resilience factor in the context of cyber risks. The fourth module consists of ten presentations that describe some aspects of a social nature that relate to the energy sector, as for example the role of workers unions in the Mexican energy system. Finally, module five of six presentations deals with the economic aspects of the energy system as for example the rules of trade.

The course is designed to present attendees a global overview of what an energy system implies from all its aspects. In addition to physical technical aspects, it includes presentations and discussion of economic, social and public policy aspects. It is aimed at participants of all specialties and professions working in the energy sector; engineers, accountants, lawyers, science graduates, business administration.


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