Press Release: World Energy Council and BBC StoryWorks to release new series

28th September 2021

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World Energy Council tells human stories of our evolving relationship with energy through a groundbreaking online series produced with BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions

London, 28 September 2021: The World Energy Council, the world’s oldest and only independent, impartial global membership-based charitable organisation, is launching its Humanising Energy web series.

Produced for the World Energy Council by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, this powerful series of films and articles displays the technical innovation taking place across the energy sector through compelling, human-centric stories of creativity, collaboration and community.

The series will be launched on Tuesday 05 October as part of World Energy Week LIVE 2021, one of the most important industry events of the year.

Dr. Angela Wilkinson, Secretary General and CEO of the World Energy Council, said:

“Storytelling has been at the heart of societal transformation for millennia. Through this innovative series, we intend to share inspiring stories of energy in everyday lives from all corners of the earth. These humanising stories are a great way to inform and change people's relationships with energy and with each other.”

“Energy is a key concern across the world right now and many ordinary people are feeling frustrated, confused and overwhelmed by the complexity of the issue. The time is right to focus on energy literacy and the stories shared in this series will do that. Achieving better energy outcomes for billions of better lives and a healthy planet is not just a numbers game - it depends on the quality of our narrative and conversation."

Simon Shelley, vice president of BBC StoryWorks Programme Partnerships said:

“Throughout history, humans have relied on energy for survival and now, more than ever, global audiences are seeking the tools they need to make their own energy transition. The Humanising Energy series hopes to enlighten and excite this curious audience through powerful human stories.”

With content capturing the stories of remote communities in need of reliable sustainable energy, of innovators changing the future of energy, and of organisations striving to effectively harness the earth’s natural resources, Humanising Energy tells the human story at the heart of the energy sector.

You may explore the series from Tuesday 5th October at the following address:

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