New Working Paper: ‘Regional Insights into low-carbon hydrogen scale up’

23rd May 2022

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'Regional Insights into low-carbon hydrogen scale up' 

World Energy Council releases new working paper with EPRI and PwC

23 May 2022: A new working paper titled Regional Insights into low-carbon hydrogen scale up, published by World Energy Council in collaboration with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and PwC, provides insights into the differing regional perspectives and dynamics across the world within low-carbon hydrogen uptake. The publication follows the release of “Hydrogen on the Horizon” series, published by the Council, in partnership with EPRI and PwC, in July and September 2021, and is part of a series of regional deep dives that aim to uncover distinctive regional challenges and opportunities for low-carbon hydrogen uptake. 

Key insights from the paper:

  • Low-carbon hydrogen can play a major role by 2040 in supporting countries’ efforts towards achieving Paris Agreement goals, but this would require significant global trade flows of hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels.
  • The momentum for hydrogen-based fuels is continuing to grow worldwide, but regional differences will continue to exist.
  • Moving from “whether” to “how” to develop low-carbon hydrogen highlights significant uncertainties, which need to be addressed if hydrogen is to reach its full potential.
  • Bilateral partnerships between countries are growing to meet demand. The scale and scope of the new low-carbon hydrogen vector is reshaping as energy security tops national agendas across the world.
  • Enabling low-carbon hydrogen at scale would notably require greater coordination and cooperation amongst stakeholders worldwide to better mobilise public and private finance, and to shift the focus to end-users and people through the following actions.
Download: Regional Insights into low-carbon hydrogen scale up

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