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SE Europe Energy Dialogue could help ‘strengthen efforts’ in creation of regional market

31st May 2012

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The 6th South East European Energy Dialogue was held in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 30–31 May with the WEC as an organising partner with the Institute of Energy for South-east Europe (IENE).

The conference resulted in the preparation of a set of conclusions and recommendations for policymakers and the business communities in the 11 countries of the region including Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, plus others.

Slav Slavov, WEC regional manager for Europe, said the event could help “strengthen the efforts of south-east European countries in the creation of a regional market,” adding that the region has the weakest electricity market in Europe and does not have yet have a single natural gas market. Some major gas projects (such as Nabucco) are uncertain, while the region (not counting Turkey) needs some 30 bcm/year more of supplies by 2030, he said. The event is also important for wider Europe as south-east Europe serves as a gas supply corridor for the continent.

Speaking to some 80 delegates, Slavov called for urgent needs for connecting gas from the Caspian basin to Europe, as well as the construction of much-needed gas pipelines to mitigate the effects of gas crisis. He also gave an opening statement, chaired the gas session, and took part in the concluding round-table.


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