SET Award 2018 Finalist BioLite: Digitalisation, decentralisation and decarbonisation in Kenya

15th March 2019

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This year's Startup Energy Transition 2019 Tech Fest is less than a month away and almost 450 companies from 80 countries have applied. Come April 9th these companies will be in Westhafen, Berlin, pitching their ideas to the ‘who’s who’ in the energy sector. One of last year's finalists was New York City-based startup BioLite Energy, and they have been working on driving accessible and sustainable energy for a long time.

Their success at 2018's Tech Festival dramatically boosted their exposure within the global energy community. In addition, the SET award and funding received were crucial to helping them in expanding their work across Africa, where they distribute in-house developed and manufactured off-grid energy products such as portable wood-powered stoves with a USB port so you can charge your phone while you cook cleanly or solar power kits with packed-in lights, radio and mp3 player. These products are invaluable for those who have no access to traditional energy structures and present users with practical solutions and a pathway to prosperity in the face of adversity.

Connecting The Watts is a 3-part mini doc series from BioLite that explores three personal-scale innovations in energy in east Africa and their surprisingly interconnected impact on economy, communication, climate, and more. You can watch the 5-minute episodes below:

Part I: Grid In The Sky


Part II: Forest For The Trees


Part III: Mobile Money


You can learn more about this and other BioLite initiatives visiting their website.

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