Socio-environmental issues top the agenda in Colombia

16th December 2015

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Practices and policy guidelines that promote socio-environmental management of projects and ensure the viability of Colombia’s energy and mining sector were top of the agenda at a high level meeting attended by over 100 participants where Jairo León García, Technical Secretary of the Colombian member committee, recently spoke.

At the meeting there was analysis of different alternatives which should be considered in the formulation of policies, plans, programmes and future energy projects developed in Colombia in order to achieve socio-environmental acceptance and a balanced energy trilemma.

During the event, speakers highlighted that sustainable energy is not just an opportunity to transform societies and economies, but also a necessity because society needs to meet growing demands and reduce the intensity of carbon emissions from energy production.

García said: “We need to consider all the proposals that are on the table if we are to help Colombia achieve a balanced energy trilemma and meet sustainable energy targets which are so important for the future of Colombia. The prevalence of general interest over the individual and the balance between the different interests is only possible in the context of a strategic relationship which encourages working together.”

Colombia is ranked relatively high in the Trilemma Index at 18 with a score of AAB.  It exhibits strong performance on the energy security and environmental sustainability dimensions of the energy trilemma, but, unlike many of its peers, struggles with a lagging energy equity ranking. The country still faces major challenges such as expanding the coverage and reliability of energy services, diversification of the energy mix and sustaining positive economic development without increasing CO2 emissions.

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