The World Energy Council calls for improved governance for the nuclear industry

1st April 2011

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The Chairman of the World Energy Council, Pierre Gadonneix, has today written an open letter to business and government leaders in 91 countries calling for improved global governance for the nuclear industry in the wake of the Fukushima accident.

Three weeks on from the tsunami and its terrible consequences at Fukushima nuclear power plant, M. Gadonneix has taken the opportunity to write to each member committee of the 91 country strong World Energy Council. In his letter he outlines the need for countries to come together, to learn the lessons from Fukushima and to set out a new course to strengthen the global governance of the nuclear industry.

"As we move forward we must look deeply and frankly into the question of safety systems and how nuclear power is organized worldwide."

He highlights the success of the airline industry in ensuring that companies such as Airbus and Boeing are not able to compete on safety as a possible model for the future.

"..the safety of the aircraft is no longer a competitive advantage. "

He goes on to suggest that the time may now have come for the world to progressively set up an international cooperation and governance on nuclear safety.

In the letter he pledges the support of the World Energy Council (WEC) to work with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and others as they seek to improve safety standards.

"The World Energy Council should use its uniquely representative and impartial position to support the creation of this new global governance by fostering dialogue, providing a neutral forum to share experiences and practices …"

"Our policy analysis and long term energy scenarios' can be utilized by all governments as we establish better ways to cooperate, build and give legitimacy to this new governance."

M Gadonneix has already instructed the World Energy Council to produce a detailed analysis of the global policy impact of the Fukushima incident to be published in June 2011. This research will provide a comprehensive insight which will be used to inform the World Energy Council's broader 'Global Energy Scenarios' strategic study, which is due to be published in 2012.

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