World Energy Transition Radar: Understanding Signals of Recovery

9th November 2020


Understanding Signals of Recovery

Editor’s note: The World Energy Council is scanning signals of recovery from around the world to see through the current fog of uncertainty, enhance a strategic conversation on different energy futures and enable orderly global energy transition as the world emerges from crisis. We enlisted members of our Future Energy Leaders community to detect and share signals to aid in the development of our World Energy Transition Radar. These are their stories.

Written by: Zlata Sergeeva, Future Energy Leader (FEL-100); Leading Specialist, Business Strategy Department, Novatek

These days, our greatest enemy is ignorance. Ignorance about what is happening to our society, to other countries, to the world. This was my motivation for participating in the development of the World Energy Transition Radar – because I believe this tool can help all of us.

Information is key to fighting uncertainty. This is what the World Energy Transition Radar accomplishes – it aggregates information from all around the world and helps us to see the direction in which the world is moving. It allows us to see when a critical mass of signals points to a particular scenario or scenarios, and we can better understand what might happen in the future and for what energy leaders need to prepare. Thus it helps us make balanced, informed decisions.

The Radar currently indicates that we’re likely to see a Fast-Forward scenario – one in which countries and companies use this crisis as an opportunity for collaboration and transformation. Unfortunately, there are also an increasing number of indicators that a "Rewind" scenario may occur, in which we return to a pre-pandemic agenda. However, the situation is still developing, and I believe there is reason to remain hopeful of a positive outcome including a green recovery.

The ability to scan and understand signals of change can make it easier to navigate the energy transition. With the World Energy Transition Radar we can make sense of the seemingly scattered signals emerging from many countries and see that energy transition is not something that might happen in the future – it’s happening now.

Learn more about the World Energy Council's COVID-19 Crisis Scenarios and be sure to share the signals you're noticing via social media with the relevant hashtag #WEpause, #WErewind, #WEforward, or #WErerecord.

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