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World Energy Trilemma Insights

13th June 2018

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The World Energy Council will launch the results of the 2018 World Energy Trilemma ranking in this year.
The Trilemma results provide a wealth of insight into policies, priorities, and trade-offs. To illustrate this, we have looked at the 2017 Trilemma performance of G20 countries in advance of the World Energy Leaders’ Summit in Bariloche this week.

Comparing the Trilemma rankings of G20 countries shows the trade-offs they make in the pursuit of energy Security, Equity, and Sustainability. Most G20 members report excellent scores for energy access and equity - we explore what this really means. However, environmental sustainability remains a challenge, given the high reliance of many of these nations on fossil fuels. You can find out more about the shape of the Trilemma in the Insight Brief below, comparing the 2017 performance of G20 member countries.

Download the report in PDF format here.

The following video illustrates how we can use the Trilemma tool for insights into policy priorities and gaps.

Watch this space. The 2018 Trilemma will include more insight and analysis of different pathways to transition, and what makes a robust and balanced energy system.


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