Charting the Upsurge in Hydropower Development 2015

World Energy Resources

The hydropower sector is set to double in potential to 2,000GW capacity by 2050.  It has enjoyed healthy growth in capacity worldwide over the last decade as stakeholders continue to value the potential of hydropower development to help meet growing energy demand.  Hydropower’s stock is also set to rise thanks to the multiple roles hydro projects can fulfil, particularly in climate change mitigation and adaptation.  However, there remain a number of challenges where the potential effects of new developments on local environments and communities.

World Energy Resources Report 2015: Charting the Upsurge in Hydropower Development is a critical and expansive review of the current state and trends within the hydropower sector, examining the sector’s development from technological, economic and socio-political perspectives.  The report highlights the key opportunities for further growth in the sector, along with the major challenges it must overcome in realising its future potential.  The study will feed into the upcoming World Energy Resources and the World Energy Scenarios, two of the World Energy Council flagship publications.  It is aimed at assisting key decision makers ensure hydropower development is managed in the most sustainable manner possible.

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