World Energy Issues Monitor 2019 | Managing the Grand Energy Transition

The World Energy Issues Monitor provides a snapshot of what keeps CEOs, Ministers and experts awake at night in nearly 90 countries. The monitor helps to define the world energy agenda and its evolution over time. It provides a high-level perception of what constitute issues of critical uncertainty, in contrast to those that require immediate action or act as developing signals for the future. It is an essential tool for understanding the complex and uncertain environment in which energy leaders must operate, and a tool through which one can challenge one’s own assumptions on the key drivers within the energy landscape.
This tenth iteration of the monitor is based on insights provided by nearly 2,300 energy leaders to provide 50 national assessments across six world regions.
In addition to this report, the interactive online Issues Monitor tool allows the visualisation of the data that underpins the Issues Maps. This tool has been developed in collaboration with our Project Supporter ARUP

Where specific narratives explaining the country data exist, they are included in the tool.
Christoph Frei, Secretary General, World Energy Council: "For ten consecutive years, the World Energy Issues Monitor has been gathering the perspectives of energy leaders in public and private sectors from 86 countries across the six regions on 42 key issues that shape and drive our energy system. The Issues Monitor has become the energy leaders’ foremost platform to identify, share and track critical issues surrounding the Energy Transition and assess which ones keeps them most awake at night or busy at work and how these change across time and space."
You can access the all-new Issues Monitor online tool by clicking here.

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