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World Energy Trilemma: Time to get real – the agenda for change

To assist policymakers and the energy industry with pressing forward sustainable energy systems, the World Energy Council, in collaboration with global management consulting firm Oliver Wyman, publishes the report World Energy Trilemma 2013: Time to get real – the agenda for change.

Through 2012 and 2013, the World Energy Council (WEC) in partnership with the global management consulting firm Oliver Wyman, interviewed over 100 global energy leaders – chief executive officers (CEOs), senior executives, ministers for energy and the environment, senior policymakers, and regulators, as well as high-level representatives from inter-governmental organisations. The goal was to identify the necessary policies and regulation, industry actions, and barriers to the development of secure, affordable, and environmentally sustainable energy systems.

In the 2012 report, World Energy Trilemma: Time to get real - the case for sustainable energy policy, over 40 energy industry CEOs and senior executives from across the sector and around the world set out the necessary policy frameworks to support the development of sustainable energy systems and to unlock much-needed investment. While in the 2013 report, 2013 World Energy Trilemma - Time to get real - the case for sustainable energy investment, more than 50 public stakeholders identified what they need from the private sector to ensure that energy policies will have the intended effects. The reports also reflect the results of the Energy Sustainability Index, a comparative ranking of 129 countries' ability to provide a stable, affordable, and environmentally sensitive energy system. Together, the reports present an extraordinary body of energy industry knowledge, expertise and insights on what works and what does not work in terms of policy design and implementation.

This report, World Energy Trilemma: Time to get real – the agenda for change, builds on the broad agreement among public and private energy leaders on how to tackle the energy trilemma. It sets out 10 agreed areas for energy leaders to focus policies and resources on, to capture the opportunities and meet the needs of citizens and consumers. The public and private sectors must collaborate to design and implement broadly supported mechanisms to drive this change.

The Agenda for Change provides a strong call to action by leaders and peers in the energy community. The time to act is now: it is time to get real.

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2013 Time to get real - the agenda for change
2013 Trilemme Energetique Mondial - Le programme du changement

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2013 Time to get real - the agenda for change

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What is the energy trilemma?
10- point Agenda for Change

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