Future Energy Leaders Energy Summit

14.06.23 - 14.06.2023

Parliament House

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The energy sector is experiencing significant and rapid changes, and the leaders of the energy industry operate in an environment characterized by permanent changes, with a high degree of uncertainty regarding the future of the energy sector.

The volatility specific to the energy industry, questioning the efficiency of market mechanisms, legislative and fiscal challenges, geopolitical factors and environmental issues, are elements that exert enormous pressure on decision-makers. But we have the certainty of a European objective: climate neutrality in 2050.

In order to get overview of the current situation of the energy sector and the future role of young energy professionals in this sector, FEL Romania is organizing the FEL Energy Summit: Powering the Future – The Leadership Challenge in the Energy Sector.

In this context, the FEL Energy Summit aims to discuss and debate to what extent the decisions adopted today will contribute to the stability of the energy system, while remains aligned to the requirements of the European Green Deal, respectively what role can play the new generation of leaders in the energy sector.

By organizing this event, FEL Romania aims to identify the main problems and solutions to the current challenges of the Romanian energy sector, discussing topics like regulation, sustainability, price affordability, energy security, government priorities, but also how to prepare the future generations of energy leaders. The Summit also aims to create a bridge between the current and future generations of leaders in the energy sector.

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