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World Energy Focus is our monthly magazine  that seeks to enrich the global debate on some of the greatest challenges of our time.

Each month World Energy Focus will highlight crucial issues and innovation stories in the context of the global reach that only an organisation such as the Council can provide.

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PLUS+ 2016 Annual available.

June issue available to download here

In this new issue published by PE, you can read:

  • Interview: ConocoPhillips’ CEO Ryan Lance reveals how the company is adapting to the “new normal” and responds to volatile prices with innovation and a leaner portfolio.
  • Feature: Rock, Tango or Samba: which energy scenarios for the Latin America and the Caribbean region up to 2060? Discover the key findings of the latest World Energy Scenarios report and the options for the region to achieve sustainable economic growth of 2.7% to 2060
  • Country focus: the alpine nation of Austria showcases how its strategic position and forward-thinking approach to clean energy makes it a European trailblazer.
  • Energy in Focus news roundup shows :
    • How blockchain is looking to offer a “radically simplified vision of the energy world”
    • Drones monitoring oil and gas pipelines and collecting big data
    • California hitting new renewable generated energy record last month 
    • The launch of the West Africa Clean Energy Corridor

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