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As the COVID-19 pandemic reaches most corners of the world, pulling together as a community of deep expertise has never been more important - to share experiences and lessons learned, and better prepare for and shape what comes next. Our role as a credible, responsible and impartial value-adding “global voice” for whole energy system movement has never been more critical.

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Calling for Future Energy Leaders. Are you one of them?

21st January 2019

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The 2019 call for nominations is now open! We are looking for the brightest minds among this generation of young professionals to join the Council’s Future Energy Leaders (FEL-100) programme.
The deadline for nominations is the 24th of February 2019 at 5 pm GMT.
The candidates interested in applying for the FEL-100 programme are kindly required to fill out this online form in order to get all further information.

The World Energy Council's Future Energy Leaders Programme (FEL-100) is a global and diverse network of young energy professionals. It is designed to help shape, inspire and grow energy leaders of tomorrow. It serves as a platform for engaging a limited number of ambitious young professionals in the World Energy Council's national, regional and international activities and events. The programme's objective is to inspire participants to become the next generation of energy leaders capable of solving the world’s most pressing challenges regarding energy and sustainability.

The FEL community builds on creative ideas and the innovative potential of the next generation to challenge conventional thinking and explore new strategies for the future of our energy systems. It offers young professionals a unique opportunity for learning and development with exposure to critical issues in the energy debate.

FEL-100 Programme delegates

The main objective of the FEL-100 Programme is to improve knowledge, experience and skills.

The successful applicants will have an opportunity to:
  • Access and contribute to the Council’s studies.  Future Energy Leaders take part in the production of the World Energy Council’s authoritative studies as experts or observers. Through the programme, they can directly develop their experience, knowledge and skills in an energy-focused environment, also contributing to the World Energy Council’s global dialogue.
  • Be an active member of one of the FEL-100 projects. The Future Energy Leaders’  Projects form an integral part of the programme as they shape the development of the FEL-100 community and provide unique opportunities for international cooperation. Through a flexible and interactive system, the programme enables FELs to design projects with valuable and interactive outputs – webinars, events, online tools, case studies, practical projects etc.
  • Attend selected global, regional and national events of the World Energy Council. Among other events, every three years the FEL-100 Congress is held in parallel with the Council’s World Energy Congress. With an integrated programme aimed specifically for future leaders, this premier energy gathering offers a unique opportunity to better understand energy issues and solutions from a global perspective. The 24th World Energy Congress will be held in September 2019 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  During each Congress, the FEL-100 declare their vision for the future of global energy, outlining their priorities and agenda items.
  • Create their own professional network.
  • Shape the vision of tomorrow’s energy system.
  • Bridge the generation gap. 

Pirjo Jantunen
Pirjo Jantunen, former FEL Chair:
"Being a FEL means passion and inspiration. As a FEL you'll be constantly empowered by brilliant energy professionals around you. Their enthusiasm, shared global experiences, innovation mind-set and passion to shape the energy landscape never ceases to inspire me."

During the first half of every year we on-board around 35 new participants and the same number of participants are replaced. Programme applicants should meet the following essential criteria:
  • Solid interest and proven track record in energy.
  • Obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Minimum of 3 years full-time post-graduate and professional experience in an energy-related field.
  • Highly motivated and encouraged to work with the World Energy Council.
  • Advanced level of English as the programme and all communications will be delivered in English.
  • Not to be more than 35 years old at the time of application.
Gelem Lluberes Rincon
 Gelem Lluberes Rincon, current Board member, Nominations Committee:
“People in the FEL programme are thinkers, dreamers and doers. It has been enriching for me to be part of a network of people with more than just a passion for disruptive ideas – but also ones that have the courage to turn them into reality”.

The size of the FEL group is limited and the selection process is becoming increasingly competitive each year. Complying with the minimum criteria is a condition, but does not mean that the candidate will automatically be accepted in the programme. Current programme participants have in average more than 6 years of postgraduate professional experience in the energy field and are in average 32-33 years old. Successful candidates do not only comply with the application criteria, but they also demonstrate exceptional motivation, willingness to contribute to the work of the FEL-100 community and the World Energy Council.

Mervin Azeta
Mervin Azeta, current Board member, Nominations Committee:
“Being a FEL provides a unique opportunity to learn, relearn, grow and lead. It is about getting a seat at the discourse table, making the voices of agile youths count, and influencing the decisions that shape the future of the energy industry. Together, the FEL-100 can make terrific impact!”

The World Energy Council's Member Committees and Partners have the opportunity to nominate young professionals as candidates for the programme.

We highly encourage candidates to contact their national member committees to get their endorsement. Read the section about Future Energy Leaders in our website for more information.


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