Future Energy Leaders

The Council’s Future Energy Leaders form a community of exceptional young professionals who share a commitment to shaping the global energy future

The World Energy Council’s Future Energy Leaders’ Programme – the FEL-100– is a global and diverse network of young energy professionals. The programme serves as a platform for engaging a limited number of ambitious young professionals in national, regional and international activities and events.  Its objective is to inspire participants to become the next generation of energy leaders capable of solving the world’s most pressing challenges regarding energy and sustainability.


Through the programme, Future Energy Leaders can further their experience, knowledge and skills in an energy-focused environment and contribute to the Council’s global dialogue. FEL-100 participants are provided with the unique opportunity to create their own personal networks of like-minded, equally motivated personalities today, and together become the energy leaders of tomorrow.

Through the programme, Future Energy Leaders can:

  • Attend select global, regional and national events
  • Attend the World Energy Congress
  • Attend an exclusive, annual Future Energy Leaders’ Summit
  • Create an annual FEL-100 World Energy Issues Monitor
  • Contribute to FEL-100 taskforces
  • Access and contribute to the Council’s global studies and technical research
  • Develop and share a FEL-100 vision
  • Network with global energy leaders

Regional representation of the participants to the programme (as of April 2017)

Structure of FEL-100

The excellence of its members is a priority to the FEL-100 and contributes highly to its value proposition. The limitation of the size of the group to 100 participants allows the self-development of outstanding young professionals.

Every year 35 Future Energy Leaders are invited to join the Council’s FEL-100 programme and become part of the exclusive global network of tomorrow’s energy leaders. Nominations are accepted from National Member Committees, Patrons, Global Partners, as well as externally. A formal call for nominations is issued during the first quarter of every year.

We strive for excellence and diversity. In order to guarantee the quality and continuity of the programme, each selected individual will initially be taken on board for one year and will be offered the opportunity to remain in the programme. This will be determined annually by his/her ability to demonstrate engagement and motivation. The average term of a Future Energy Leader is three years. At the end of their tenure, programme participants will receive a certificate and will be invited to join the FEL-Alumni community to remain part of the World Energy Council’s global network.

FEL Board

To encourage responsibility, self-determination and leadership the FEL Board develops the work programme and event agenda, oversees and monitors the achievement of objectives, compliance with processes, as well as the selection of new programme participants. It consists of members representing the Council’s regions. The FEL Chair and Secretary work together with the FEL Nomination Committee, Development Committee and Studies Committee.

Together with the London Office, the FEL Board works to help shape the direction and content of the World Energy Council’s ongoing FEL engagement.  Meet the FEL Board. 

Partner and sponsorship opportunities

The Future Energy Leaders’ programme – FEL-100 – provides valuable opportunities for partners and sponsors. Supporting the FEL-100 enables your organisation to inspire, engage and empower exceptional young professionals to become tomorrow’s leaders. Becoming a partner will enable your organisation to:

  • Demonstrate commitment to the future of energy leadership
  • Work with and access top talent across the energy sector worldwide
  • Be a catalyst and provide endorsement for new ideas, innovations and solutions within the energy sector
  • Benefit from extensive visibility and outreach across the Council’s global network,  at events and within the Council’s work programme

We recognise that you may have unique sponsorship needs and will be happy to work with you to find the best value for your sponsorship. 

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