Countdown is on until our 2017 Executive Assembly, 16-19 October in Lisbon!

17th August 2017

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As the Council’s Executive Assembly in Lisbon draws nearer it is not too late to register! The much anticipated 2017 World Energy Council Executive Assembly is taking place in Lisbon from the 16-19 October 2017, hosted by the Council’s Portuguese member committee and co-hosted by the Government of Portugal.

In addition to meetings taking place during the week, more than 80 Ministers and CEOs from the public and private sector will participate in a number of high-level discussions. The Council will also be holding a Trilemma Summit as well as a Future Energy Leaders’ Summit.

This year's agenda will build upon insights gained from the World Energy Council’s on-going studies, including the World Energy Scenarios and the World Energy Trilemma. Disruptive trends are emerging that will create a fundamentally new world for the energy sector, characterised by lower population growth, radical new technologies, greater environmental challenges, and a shift in economic and geopolitical power.

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Key sessions include:

This session will share the lessons learned from the success stories on balancing Energy Trilemma through the decentralised systems and regional interconnection. The session will identify solutions to address challenging issues. What are the success stories of decentralised systems and regional interconnection? What are the barriers preventing the developments of decentralised systems and deployment of regional interconnection, and how can these barriers be overcome? What benefits can these approaches have on a countries’ energy system?

Read more about the Energy Trilemma and the  Council's latest Trilemma  and Trilemma Index reports.

Natural gas markets are set to undergo a significant transition over the next decade with new supply sources and technologies coming on stream. This session will share perspectives on the future of natural gas and LNG markets and explore solutions to manage the relevant risks. It will also highlight the changing role of gas in the wider energy system.

What will the impact of these new dynamics be on existing player and where will the new opportunities emerge? How can infrastructure operators manage lower asset values in regions exposed to a decrease in demand? What is next for Asian LNG markets? What is the impact of increased competition in Asian markets and the new supply sources on price?

Read more about the Council's Gas Centre.

The energy system is at the beginning of a digital transformation. New technologies and systems are set to revolutionise the way we produce and consume energy. These new technologies will lead to unprecedented levels of efficiency and require new ways of thinking.

This session will increase high-level recognition of the digitalisation of the energy sector and identify potential government-industry initiatives to address the issues. What is the potential for digitalisation to improve energy productivity and to create new energy business models? What are political, regulatory, market and technological barriers? What are the challenges associated with digitalisation, including cyber risk?

Read more about the Council's resilience work, including the 2016 report on cyber 'The road to resilience: Managing cyber risks'.

This session will increase high-level recognition of the blockchain in the energy sector and identify potential solutions to address the issues. Beyond the digitalisation of the energy sector, the introduction of blockchain technologies has the potential to transform energy systems. What are blockchain’s opportunities and risks in the energy sector? What are the latest updates on pilots, use cases and scalability? What are the regulatory obstacles associated with the implementation of blockchain applications and what are the issues to be addressed? How will blockchain impact company and state value chain infrastructure related to the energy sector?

Read more on How blockchain technology is looking to offer a “radically simplified vision of the energy world” in the August issue of the Council's magazine, World Energy FOCUS:

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More information on the Lisbon WELS  will soon be available here.

For more information visit the dedicated EA website

The website for the event including information about the programme, registration, accommodation and travel to the beautiful city of Lisbon helps members plan their attendance, register Now!and take advantage of the travel and accommodation discounts. The week’s  programme will offer a wide range of events including high-level, exclusive sessions that bring together Ministers, CEOs and energy leaders as well as more open discussions for a wider audience of energy experts from our host country and around the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Executive Assembly in Lisbon

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