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23rd September 2015

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Francisco José Galtieri, a project leader and consultant in the oil and gas industry in Argentina, talks to Inside about what motivated him to take an active part in FEL-100 activities.

 Why did you become a FEL?
"I joined the FEL community as it seemed an opportunity for a young professional to broaden his knowledge and skills in an energy-focused, international environment. I wanted to learn from the experience of senior energy leaders and be able to shape the vision of tomorrow’s energy systems.

I chose the World Energy Council instead of other oil and gas associations because it had a broader approach to the industry. I wanted to be in contact with all the energy stakeholders, not just those in the oil and gas sector."

What are the benefits of being a FEL?
"The World Energy Council programme is designed to build on the ideas and innovative potential of the next generation, helping to develop new ways of thinking and framing the future of sustainable energy.  This is what attracts me to the World Energy Council.

FEL-100 participants are provided with the opportunity to create their own personal networks of like-minded people who are equally motivated, and together we can become the energy leaders of tomorrow."

Through the programme, Future Energy Leaders can:
  • Attend select global, regional and national events
  • Attend the World Energy Congress
  • Attend an exclusive, annual Future Energy Leaders’ Summit
  • Create an annual FEL-100 World Energy Issues Monitor
  • Contribute to special FEL-100 reports
  • Access and contribute to the Council’s global studies and technical research
  • Develop and share a FEL-100 vision
  • Network with global energy leaders
 What do you do?
"I am a project leader and consultant in the oil and gas industry specialising in conceptual and numerical simulations, water flooding developments and project economics and risk evaluation.

Also, I am the Chairman of the Board of Members of the South American Business Forum, SABF, an international annual conference organisation where 100 outstanding international students exchange views on current business affairs and what is happening in the world of politics and academia.

I enjoy activities which encourage sustainable habits, and so I became a co-founder of “GeoFans”, an NGO, which encourages sustainable habits such as recycling and reduction of consumption in households and schools." 

How are you involved with FEL?
"I am a member of the FEL Board Development Committee which is responsible for continuous and further developments of the FEL-100 programme as well as for identifying potential partners and sponsors.

In the World Energy Council Argentinean Committee, CACME, I am the Co-ordinator of the Young Professionals Group. We organise the World Energy Council Academy programme whose aim is to provide study programmes on global energy issues for young professionals. The Academy programme which started in Argentina has now being taken up by almost 20 other countries."

What are your thoughts as you look ahead to achieving World Energy Council goals?
"My vision is for FEL-100 members to become change agents who are empowered to solve the world’s energy issues. It is a vision that I would like to achieve as a member of the World Energy Council. Being part of the World Energy Council community is one of the greatest privileges that any young energy professional could have."

 Taking an active part

Two years ago Fransico created Enerblog, a web that publishes news, interviews, debates and publications on the energy industry to young professionals.  Its aims are to promote awareness in energy related issues in the Latin American region amongst a larger audience through the use of videos, infographics, interaction tools and social media.

“By integrating our activities there is a lot of room for synergies amongst the FEL community in Latin America.  Best practices can be shared” said Fransico.

Commenting on what is happening with the Future Energy Leaders programme in Latin America, Cristina Morales, Associate Regional Manager for Latin America & the Caribbean said: “As part of our regional agenda in Latin America we have worked on bringing together Future Energy Leaders from different countries in the region with the objective of sharing successful experiences and finding opportunities for joint work."

“The Future Energy Leaders programme in Latin America is becoming an ever increasing part of our member committees, bringing new ideas and initiatives which help to deliver World Energy Council value propositions to our MC members."

“One good example, apart from the COCME news- Enerblog initiative, is the World Energy Council  Academy programme, where FELs from all the regions have been in contact sharing experiences and best practices, this has led to improvements and ideas for both the Argentinian and Colombian programmes, as well as a motivation for FELs to replicate these in other countries."
“In Latin America we organise calls every 2 months with FELs in order that they can be updated on a global level of what is being done in the FEL-100 programme and particular activities from FELs in each country.  But, most importantly we have a discussion space were all new ideas are welcome."

“At the moment there is an initiative to work on a regional survey to evaluate acceptance of Renewable Energies in the region is being evaluated by FELs in the region. This informal collaboration has proved very fruitful and we are sure that moving ahead it will become increasingly important.  I am convinced that through Future Energy Leaders we will be able to increase the value delivered by World Energy Council committees to their members."

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