Future Energy Leaders Vision from Congress 24

27th September 2019

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Future Energy Leaders present Vision at the 24th World Energy Congress closing ceremony

During each Congress, the Future Energy Leaders confirm their vision for the future of global energy, outlining key priorities and agenda items. The latest Congress was the opportunity for the FEL-100 to reach the global audience convened in Abu Dhabi.


24th World Energy Congress, Abu Dhabi, September 2019

The Future Energy Leaders are a community of 100 brilliant individuals, sharing the same values and moved by the same purpose – to fast forward the energy transition. Every day we strive to reduce our carbon footprint – no action is too small to create change NOW...

We must lessen our impact and tread more lightly on our precious planet. We are the decision makers of tomorrow. In many ways, we are all co-owners of the future and feel a great sense of responsibility to ensure the future is bright for the coming generations.

For years we have witnessed dialogues and global strategies; however, the speed of our actions is slower than the speed of Climate Change. If we take too long, we will run out of time to make a real difference.  NOW is the time to accelerate!

Times are changing and technology is running forward - let's not get stuck in our old ways of thinking. Let’s foster a fair and affordable transition, let’s work with emissions intensive industries to develop inclusive solutions that reach the net-zero objective. We envision a world where energy is for all…in the end its about energy for prosperity.

Local context dictates the path we must follow, no more one-size-fits-all approach. Diversity of thought drives creativity and inclusion of different perspectives, let us use it to foster innovative solutions.

We need to be bold and embrace disruption to realise energy for prosperity.

How do we achieve this mission? How can we move faster?

  • We must collaborate across boundaries - we all breathe the same air;
  • We need support across the political spectrum and international agreement that compels action
  • We need to address the conflicting interests head on - collaborate, and not fight, to make energy cleaner.

We want to see the world back on track to limit global warming to 1.5°

  • Let’s meet or exceed the Paris Agreement
  • We need a minimum of 60% or greater efficiency in our power assets by 2030
  • We need to exploit different technologies including hydrogen, batteries, resilient consumer response and other non-conventional sources of flexibility – 100% of daily peaks should be served by these technologies, again, by 2030

And this MUST be supported by an effective price on carbon. Without a price on carbon, we won’t see these technologies thrive, we won’t continue our push for energy efficiency, there will be no incentive to reduce our reliance on hydrocarbons. .We want to assure universal access to energy for all by 2030. But it’s imperative we do this with low carbon solutions, utilising distributed energy resources

We want the innovations of today to become the foundations of tomorrow.

Those who have good access to renewables must leapfrog to a 100% clean energy system, and those who don’t have the same luxury must move from coal to gas, and utilise carbon
capture and storage. As you return home to your loved ones, remember, the power of action is much stronger than the power of words – and we need action NOW!

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