Designing for Disruptions

Designing for Disruptions: A new era for energy

The energy sector is undergoing widespread disruption. Technology is advancing rapidly while new business models are emerging. Government policies and public attitudes and behaviour are continuously evolving. The pathway to a sustainable future for energy companies is highly complex and uncertain, with numerous interconnected, non-linear trends creating both threats and opportunities.

So how can energy leaders prepare for a world where disruption is simply business as usual? This is the question the World Energy Council and Accenture Strategy aim to answer in this report. Covering mindsets, trend-sensing, ecosystems, and more, the report sets out a structured methodology for understanding, managing, and leading disruption.

In particular, it introduces the “Constellation of Disruptions” (CoDs), an innovative framework for explaining the combinatorial effect of changes in technology, society, business and policy. By helping leaders better understand complex current and future changes, CoDs is a radical new way to think about – and lead – the energy sector.


Designing for Disruptions Full report
Designing for Disruptions Full report
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