New Insights Brief! Energy Infrastructure: Affordability Enabler or Decarbonisation Constraint?

2nd July 2019

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The World Energy Council has launched an exclusive Innovation Insights Brief: Energy Infrastructure: Affordability Enabler or Decarbonisation Constraint? The brief contains key insights from interviews with global leaders across the energy sector. Read it here.

Transitioning to a decarbonised energy system will result in stranded infrastructure assets or lead to their early decommissioning. The Insights Brief responds to the emerging need for a coordinated action plan to minimise costs. It offers a set of principles to design an effective plan for energy infrastructure.

Key messages:

  • A successful energy transition depends on adaptable, reliable and affordable infrastructure.
  • Stranded assets are a given but there is a need for timely management so as not to make decarbonisation cost-prohibitive
  • Businesses must reframe market strategies to explore how existing infrastructure can be repurposed to support the transition to low-carbon solutions.=
  • Energy Infrastructure Action plans are needed to ensure that existing infrastructure is part of a global decarbonisation effort.

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