The World Energy Council’s Toolkit Guide is released

9th April 2019

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The World Energy Council’s Toolkit brings together its online tools, insight briefs and interactive experiences in an easy to use guide. It provides a platform for flexible cooperation and experimentation essential for managing a timely, global transition to reliable, affordable and sustainable energy. 

A guide to the Energy Transition

A guide to the Energy Transition

On April 9th 2019, the World Energy Council’s Toolkit Guide was unveiled during the PTX: unleash sector coupling? (Power-to-X) panel at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD). It is now available on the Council’s website for free public access. The Toolkit is a unique resource made for the global energy community and stakeholders to manage the increasingly complex and changing ways that the world produces, consumes and trades energy. This guide articulates the existing Council publications and Insights as “tools”, with the aim of enabling users to achieve a step change in their energy transition management capabilities and performance.

Dynamic tools designed for impact
The Toolkit was developed collaboratively between the Council, its Member Committees and expert communities to understand and effectively intervene in managing energy transitions on a global, regional and national basis. As a technology-and resource-neutral whole-energy system community, the Council promotes the benefits of multiple pathways for accelerating energy transitions. The current energy transition is a messy, multidimensional, multiscale challenge fraught with uncertainty. The five tools included in the toolkit respond to this by helping leaders find practical workplace and policy solutions:

Our annual Issues Monitor surveys leadership attention to more than 42 issues and tracks the global, regional and national emphasis on the key drivers of the energy transition.

One of these is the increasing attention to the role of innovation. Our Innovation Insights Briefs provides timely insights helping leaders navigate the shifting landscape of innovation.

The speed and complexity of the transition challenge leaders to engage constructively with the uncertainties ahead. Our World Energy Scenarios offers a relevant and enabling framework for dialogue and decision-making, helping translate new energy visions.

On the policy side, the Energy Trilemma framework helps identify opportunities for policy coherence and integrated policy innovation, in response to the challenge of achieving the first managed global energy transition.

Finally, the Dynamic Resilience framework is aimed at enabling government and industry to better prepare for systemic risks, such as climate change impacts and extreme weather, financial shocks and cybersecurity threats.

A responsive and evolving kit
The Toolkit is a responsive set of tools that translates the complexity of the energy ecosystem into a smart, bespoke approach to managing the transition on the national, regional and global levels. The Council uses these energy transition tools individually and in combination to convene energy leaders, future energy leaders and experts from across the world and along the energy value chain.

Any one of the tools can be used by leaders across the many parts and levels of the energy systems, to engage stakeholders in conversation and design new collaborative actions in relation to the energy transition. National Member Committees receive even more value from the Toolkit’s user community case studies in the form of “impact cards”.

The Toolkit’s flexible and reliable framework enables different levels of user integration and interactivity. All five tools have been refined to be used individually or together in synergy to accommodate different needs. The Toolkit provides an ever-evolving platform through utilisation and feedback, user dialogue and collaboration. Helping countries, companies and innovators to navigate the global context of the energy transition, the Toolkit lays the foundation for the international community to take the next steps towards global energy prosperity.


The Energy Transition Toolkit User Guide is available here, and the Impact and Action cards here.

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