As energy is the main ‘fuel’ for social and economic development, and since energy-related activities have significant environmental impacts, it is important for decision-makers to have access to reliable and accurate data in an user-friendly format. WEC has for decades been a pioneer in the field of energy resources and every three years publishes its flagship report Survey of Energy Resources (SER) which is released during the World Energy Congress.

World Energy Resources (WER) 2013 is the new title of this publication and in fact is the 23rd edition for the Survey of Energy Resources. The survey is recognised worldwide as the premier source of information on global energy resources. Its reputation and value since the first edition in 1933 rest on two main factors: the study presents unbiased data and facts from an independent and impartial organisation, and the second factor is the sheer amount of resource and other key energy data together with analysis of technological, economic and environmental aspects assessed on global, regional and country levels.

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World Energy_Resources_2013 summary

Estudio Recursos Energeticos 2013 (Spanish version)

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World Energy Resources  2013


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 WEC-coal Chapter 1 Coal
 WEC-oil Chapter 2_Oil
 WEC-gas Chapter_3_Natural_Gas
 WEC-nuclear Chapter_4_Uranium_and_Nuclear
 WEC-hydropower Chapter 5_Hydro
WEC-peat Chapter 6_Peat
 WEC-biomass Chapter 7_Bioenergy
Chapter 7b_Waste_to_Energy
 WEC-solar Chapter 8_Solar
 WEC-wind Chapter 10_Wind
 WEC-marine Chapter 11_Marine_Energy
WEC Energy Efficiency Policies executive summary
Annexes (Definitions, Abbreviations & Conversion Factors)