Work Programme

The World Energy Council has been producing authoritative studies for over 80 years. These studies and the work programme that supports them are recognised around the world as providing high-quality and realistic insights for all aspects of the energy sector. The insights are used by governments, intergovernmental organisations, non-governmental organisations, corporations and consultancies to guide energy strategies. Wherever possible, the Council is committed to making these studies available at no cost as a contribution to the common good and to encourage knowledge transfer.

The inherent strength in the Council’s work programme is derived from its members which enables the Council to call upon expert knowledge from across the world and at all levels. This bottom-up approach, aligned to the guidance provided by our committees and secretariat, provides a unique depth of understanding of the global energy system. Our expert network is organised into Study Groups and Knowledge Networks which allows us to call upon the very best insights to ensure our studies and events are topical and reliable.

The World Energy Council’s main work programme produces our Strategic Insights in the form of regular reports that seek to understand what is happening in the entire energy sector and to provide solutions for a more sustainable energy system.  This includes the following studies:

Our sector- or issue-specific World Energy Perspectives provide for outcome-oriented work, while our Global and Regional Agendas provide a platform for collaborative dialogue.