World Energy Perspectives Study Groups

World Energy Perspectives reports and studies are based on the expert insights from our network of leaders and practitioners.  They provide a bottom-up assessment of the key issues and technologies impacting specific aspects and technologies in the global energy sector.

The World Energy Council has networks of experts across the world covering the key aspects of the energy value chain. These knowledge networks are called upon to provide insights into our studies and act as specialist panels to ensure that we have a truly realistic understanding of the global energy sector.

“The World Energy Council has as outstanding network of experts, from industry and political leaders to the most respected practitioners in the field. This strength and depth enables us to assess in detail the key issues impacting on the global energy sector and to influence the agenda in a tangible way.” – Dr Christoph Frei, Secretary General, World Energy Council

In addition to producing reports, our World Energy Perspectives Study Groups facilitate dialogue processes that inform stakeholders in key positions to influence the governance of the energy sector.