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30th October 2019

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The Spanish Committee of the World Energy Council celebrated their annual event last October 22nd entitled "Energy and Climate Futures: Gender and Latin American Perspectives". The event was organized jointly by the Spanish Energy Club (Enerclub) and the Elcano Royal Institute and sponsored by CEPSA, included a plenary session with Mr. Jean-Marie Dauger, which was also his first interaction as new Chair of the World Energy Council. 


Philippe Boisseau, CEO of Cepsa, Miguel Antoñanzas, President of Enerclub, and Emilio Lamo de Espinosa, Chairman of Elcano, also participated in the event.

The program addressed two main subjects, by dividing the audience in two roundtables: Energy and the New Latin American Political Cycle, on one side, and Gender, Climate and Energy, on the other.

Durig his speech, Philippe Boisseau underlined the significant technological, geopolitical, and social recent changes experienced in Latin America, with their relevant impacts within the energy context. “In the future, everything indicates its transformation will be even greater, with energy demand increasing by 40% in 2040, and electricity by more than 70%. In addition, its energy mix will be substantially modified, with greater participation of renewable energy sources”. 

Miguel Antoñanzas, focused on the importance of improving the communications to more clearly explain the energy reality. “Society has to understand and embrace the necessary changes deriven from the energy transition. Information, communication and awareness about what these changes enable are fundamental”. On the relationship between gender and energy, he added that “being more inclusive and enhancing the development of women is one of the Enerclub´s three fundamental pillars”.

Emilio Lamo de Espinosa, emphasized the importance of Latin America as “an emerging energy region because of its resources, both fossil and renewable, which are expected to gain importance in the future global energy scenario”. “For the Spanish companies and for our government, Latin America is a key partner”.

In the plenary session, Jean-Marie Dauger, accompanied by Iñigo Díaz de Espada, Chair of the Spanish Committee, presented the main conclusions from the latest 24th World Energy Congress that took place in Abu Dhabi in September 2019. Amongst other themes, he mentioned the need to provide multiple energy bridges to deliver affordable  transition (not only electrons), the importance of innovation and broadening the focus beyond new energy technologies. “There is no one-size fits all, but we can and must learn with and from each other”.

Mr. Dauger also spoke about the most recent World Energy Council's publications, launched during the Congress: the World Energy Trilemma Report and Index 2019 and the World Energy Scenarios 2019. Focusing on Europe, he highlighted that energy systems face an investment cliff, since its investment needs significantly exceed finance availability. Other key messages included the importance of social involvement and public acceptance for the energy transition, as well as integrated energy-industrial strategies and sector-coupling policies.

During the first round table, moderated by Maria Luisa Castaño, Director General of Research and Technological Innovation in the Regional Government of Madrid, the panelists addressed the main political shifts and energy policy reforms implemented in Latin American countries and how they influence the regional energy landscape.

At the second round table, moderated by Lara Lázaro, Senior Analyst in Elcano, the challenges and opportunities regarding the gender-energy-climate nexus in the unfolding energy transition were discussed. Best practices and experiences in fostering gender equality worldwide was another issue of focus in the debates.

The event was concluded with the remarks from Charles Powell, Director of Elcano, Íñigo Díaz de Espada and representantives from the World Energy Council's Spanish Committee member companies (Aelec, Cepsa, EDP, Endesa, Iberdrola, Naturgy, Repsol, Sedigas and Siemens).

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