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Issues Monitor | 2019: The World’s Energy Agenda & Its Evolution

The World's Energy Agenda & Its Evolution

In an era where the energy landscape is in constant transition, energy leaders must pay attention to many different signals of change and distinguish key issues from the noise. The Issues Monitor identifies shifting patterns of connected issues which are shaping energy transitions.

This report takes a focused look at the issues facing the energy transition in Europe, using data collected by surveying over 40 leaders and shapers representing the European Transmission and Distributors Operators. This Issues Monitor outlines clear Action Priorities and Critical Uncertainties for different stakeholder groups, mapping them out intuitively to promote a shared understanding of the issues. These maps also help identifiy regional variations, understand differing areas of concern as well as follow the evolution of specific technology trends.

Produced in partnership with ENTSO-E and E.DSO.

“Imagining a better energy future is tantalising: realising it cannot be done all at once or by working alone.”

Dr Angela Wilkinson - Secretary General & CEO, World Energy Council


Key take-aways for E.DSO

  • Digitalisation
  • Innovative Transport
  • Electric Storage
  • Cyber Threats
  • Talent
  • EU Cohesion

Key take-aways for ENTSO-E

  • Market Design
  • Digitalisation
  • IoT Blockchain
  • Decommissioning
  • Talent
  • EU Cohesion


The World's Energy Agenda & Its Evolution Full Download
The World's Energy Agenda & Its Evolution Full Download
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