GGC stakeholders and Future Energy Leaders convene in Abu Dhabi ahead of 24th World Energy Congress

19th November 2018

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Leading opinion formers in the GCC region gathered in Abu Dhabi for a strategic knowledge exchange on the energy transition and to lay the groundwork for the development of regional energy scenarios to be be presented at the 24th World Energy Congress in September 2019.

The scenarios workshop was the first event of its kind held in the GCC region, with support of the UAE Member Committee, as part of the Council's strategic foresight initiative. It was aimed at building regionally focused scenarios to 2040 with new insights around innovation game-changers to support energy leaders in defining and driving a successful energy transition.
Through the interactive dialogue delegates exchanged ideas on the key challenges and main drivers of change that will shape the energy future in the region and discussed what energy narratives might emerge in the GCC by 2040 within three Council global scenarios: Unfinished Symphony, Hard Rock and Modern Jazz. The new future space was also discussed by the young professionals mapping the ‘Visionario’ pathway for the region.

The Council will now use the discussion outcomes to develop regional narratives and will revisit the region for further development of the scenarios and to promote its wider use to better serve the regional community agenda.

The regionally focused energy scenarios to 2040 with innovations insights, will be presented to global energy leaders when they gather in Abu Dhabi for the Congress.

The three-day event also played host to the Board of the World Energy Council Future Energy Leaders programme, a community of exceptional young professionals who share a commitment to shaping the global energy future.
The Future Energy Leaders Board met with young energy leaders from the UAE to discuss ways of involving youth from the region in the Future Energy Leaders’ Congress to be held as part of the 24th World Energy Congress in 2019. Working with the attendees of the workshop, a national chapter of the Future Energy Leaders programme is currently under development in the UAE.

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