Damilola Adeyanju

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Damilola Adeyanju

Systems Programme Manager (EP100), Climate Group

Damilola Adeyanju boasts extensive experience in the energy and climate change sectors across three countries- the Netherlands, UK and Nigeria. Holding an MSc. in Renewable Energy, Enterprise, and Management from Newcastle University, she has earned the esteemed title of Chartered Energy Manager. Her academic background includes a Bachelor's degree in Geology from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.

On the global stage, Damilola's influence is profound. She is a founding member and co-lead of the National Future Energy Leaders in the Netherlands. Additionally, she holds the title of European Climate Pact Ambassador and was notably recognized as one of the standout performers in the SEforALL and Enel Foundation Open Africa Program for the 2022 cohort. She also serves on the Municipal Advisory Committee on Energy at Enlit Africa. 

Currently, Damilola works at Climate Group as a Systems Programme Manager within the EP100 programme. EP100, a global corporate energy efficiency initiative, brings together over 125 ambitious businesses committed to improving their energy efficiency. In her capacity, Damilola leads the Renovation Revolution project, a collaborative sub-project of EP100 involving 8 partner organizations. This initiative aims to accelerate and scale deep, efficient building renovations in corporate and municipal buildings across Europe, thereby achieving substantial carbon savings.

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