Ivo Wakounig

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Ivo Wakounig

Senior Advisor, World Energy Council Austria

Ivo Wakounig is currently in his final year of his master’s degree in Sustainable Development at Utrecht University, NL. Next to his studies, he works as Senior Advisor at World Energy Council Austria, Impact and Sustainability Adviser at World Energy Council, and he is a Future Sustainability Leader at Youth4Sustainability, an initiative of Masdar (Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company). Ivo was also Global Youth Climate Ambassador 2022 of the Global Youth Climate Network, an initiative of the World Bank, and active in many local climate related initiatives. Prior to that, he acquired a bachelor’s degree in Physics and a bachelor’s degree in Astronomy at the University of Vienna. Ivo has vast experience in sustainable development, energy transitions, and climate. He is also an experienced team player, a leader by heart, energetic, engaging, and eager to contribute to the energy transition. Through the Future Energy Leader programme, Ivo aims to contribute to World Energy Council’s work, network with peers, and learn new skills that can help accelerate global energy transitions.

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