Jacqui Mills

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Jacqui Mills

Senior Solution Architect, Schneider Electric

Jacqui Mills was born in South Africa, moving to Australia at 11 years old. Africa’s electrification challenge to reach 600+ million people (the focus of the seventh sustainable development goal) has always been close to her heart. It inspired her to study renewable energy engineering (finishing with first class honours) and accelerate the democratisation of energy access and transition to renewable energy sources. Her work at the forefront of Australia’s energy transition provided an opportunity over the last 3.5 years to share her knowledge with the Rural Electrification and World Bank Africa CIGRE working groups in a voluntary capacity. This is particularly relevant when noting the energy commonalities between South Africa and Australia; predominantly coal based generation with huge renewable potential, rural areas serviced by long grids contributing to power system instability and the opportunity to provide self-sufficiency via home solar/battery systems and micro-grids. Her current Schneider Electric position will expand this knowledge sharing to the Asia Pacific region. Jacqui has been widely recognised for her passion, determination and tenacity to make anything she works on a success.

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