World Energy Congress

Running since 1924, the triennial World Energy Congress is the World Energy Council’s global flagship event that enables dialogue among Ministers, CEOs and industry experts on critical developments in the energy sector. As the world’s premier energy gathering, the Congress offers a unique opportunity for participants to better understand energy issues and solutions from a global perspective.

Over the 90-year history of the World Energy Council the Congress has been key to the value of the organisation. The Congress has been staged in over  20 cities across the world and the 24th World Energy Congress will take place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in 2019.


The 25th Wold Energy Congress in 2022 will take place in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation.


Previous World Energy Congress include:

The 23rd World Energy Congress, 9-13 October 2016, Istanbul, Turkey

Under the theme of “Embracing New Frontiers”, Printthe 23rd World Energy Congress 23rd World Energy Congress was held in Istanbul, Turkey from 9 –13 October 2016. Co-hosted by the President of Turkey and the World Energy Council, the event will welcome 10,000 delegates from across the energy spectrum to address critical developments in the energy sector.

The 23rd World Energy Congress took place at a moment of critical transition in the energy industry and in a world of extraordinary change.

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The 22nd World Energy Congress, 13-17 October 2013, Daegu, Korea (Rep. of)

The 22nd World Energy Congress 20121011 D365 allwas held in Daegu, Korea (Rep. of) from 13-17 October 2013. The theme of the Congress is “Securing Tomorrow’s Energy Today.” The Congress in Daegu attracted over 7,500 delegates from 123 countries and included more than 50 government ministers.

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The 21st World Energy Congress, 12-16 September 2010, Montreal, Canada

The theme of the Montreal CongressBan Ki Moon “Acting now on global challenges – Energy in transition for a living planet,” reflected the undeniable sense of urgency that faced the world’s energy sector. The Congress in Montreal in 2010 attracted over 7,000 delegates from 140 countries and included more than 60 government ministers.