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Geneva Hydrogen Innovation Forum

25.03.20 - 25.03.2020


LocationEurope Innovation

Innovation Forum - Hydrogen

This Innovation Forum will be the second one to focus on hydrogen, and is organised in collaboration with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). This Innovation Forum aims to convene a whole system participation, inviting a combination of policy makers invited by UNECE and business leaders from the World Energy Council's membership.

The objectives of this Innovation Forum are two-pronged. The first is to develop a catalogue of regulations and standards that need revisions for hydrogen to be able to heat homes and fuel cars within the UNECE region. Secondly, the Forum try to facilitate international and cross-sector strategic knowledge exchange around public acceptability and the potential of a Hydrogen Economy for the region.

Following the Council's first, succesful Innovation Forum on Hydrogen and the launch of the Hydrogen Global platform, this Innovation Forum will be continuing to promote a 'how-to' approach to identifying the policy-side challenges to hydrogen in europe.


Session 1: What role of hydrogen in the UNECE region?

Session 2: Regulatory Challenges

Session 3 Technical Standards

Session 4: Bringing the public on board



Please contact Pauline Blanc at [email protected] for more information. If you have media questions, please contact Natalie Vinters at [email protected]

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