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H2 Energy joins Hydrogen Global

13th January 2020

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H2 Energy joins the Hydrogen Global Community

The World Energy Council is pleased to announce that H2 Energy has joined the Hydrogen Global community, the first addition of 2020 to the fast-growing international expert community. H2 Energy is engaged in several joint ventures to advance the deployment of clean hydrogen vehicles and related support infrastructure in Europe. The commitment of H2 Energy to Hydrogen Global is to give updates on the progress of its projects, at no extra costs, to help bring the development of clean hydrogen into focus.

These efforts include the Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility (HHM), a joint venture between Hyundai Motors Company and H2 Energy, which aims to market, distribute, service and maintain Hyundai’s eco-friendly commercial vehicles above 5 tons in Europe (This includes trucks, busses and coaches). The first step of this endeavour will see HHM roll out 1600 fuel cell trucks to Switzerland by 2025 and another 500 to Norway by 2022. The roll-out to additional countries in Europe is currently being assessed and business models are being developed.

This effort is supported by Hydrospider, Green H2 AS and the Association Pro Hydrogen Mobility Switzerland. The shared goal of the Association Pro Hydrogen Mobility Switzerland is to provide a nationwide network of hydrogen filling stations and put a thousand FC trucks on the Swiss road by 2023. The green hydrogen for the hydrogen refuelling stations is being provided by Hydrospider AG, a Swiss joint venture between Alpiq AG, Linde AG and H2 Energy Holding AG. Finally, Green H2 AS, a joint venture with Nel Fuel AS, H2 Energy AS, Greenstat AS and Akershus Energi Infrastruktur AS, will support the deployment of fuel cell vehicles in Norway by helping provide national and regional hydrogen infrastructure. 

Hydrogen Global was launched in November 2019 by the World Energy Council to facilitate the exchange of insights and promote the deployment of clean hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels. Hydrogen Global is a part of the Council’s technology-neutral efforts to promote credible avenues to decarbonisation. It provides a platform for participants to benefit from the Council’s unrivalled global network to raise the profile of hydrogen across the wider energy community and exchange insights and expertise.

Learn more about Hydrogen Global here.


  • We need fuel cell stack or module for to make prototype of Hydrogen vehicle but very few manufacturers are responding.

    16.01.2020 at 03:35 | dilip deore

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