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Our impartial, global network connects over 3,000 members in nearly 100 countries from both the public and private sectors. We truly represent the world’s energy voice. Our work encompasses insight, data, and views from those working on the ground in policy, governance, finance, and investment, as well as the people who produce, consume, manage, and supply energy. Together, we drive impact and progress successful energy transitions along multiple pathways.

Our national Member Committees are at the heart of the Council and lead the energy dialogue at regional and local levels, enabling strategic dialogue and effective collaboration between government, business, and other stakeholders. They ensure that knowledge, expertise, and insights are shared, facilitating the connections that are accelerating successful energy transition. 

Partners are vital to the Council, collaborating with our global network to lead the way in promoting innovation and cooperative “action learning”. Partnering with the Council presents an opportunity to shape system redesign challenges and insights, to become the leading voice in areas such as blockchain, cyber security, storage, hydrogen, and e-mobility, and to rise to the challenge of transition together. 

With innovation at the top of the World Energy Council’s agenda, our Future Energy Leaders (FEL-100) programme is one of our critical communities. This dynamic programme takes the lead on incubating the next generation of energy leaders and transition pioneers through leadership development, networking opportunities and participation in the Council’s activities.

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Our federated Member Committees represent the broadest possible range of energy and energy-related interests in their countries. Together with our wide range of institutional and business contacts and connections across the globe, we have an unparalleled perspective on critical energy opportunities and challenges.

By collaborating with such a strong international network, our members are well placed to build the capabilities needed to deliver change. At the forefront of the ever-changing energy ecosystem, our members take forward shared insights and expertise to find the solutions that will ultimately impact the energy future.  

Our Regional Networks bring together neighbouring countries and global peers to facilitate cross-border partnerships to foster an exchange of knowledge and to champion regional priorities. In an era where cross-border solutions are increasingly important, these hubs ensure that governments, companies, and stakeholders have access to an impartial forum with maximum reach and influence.

FEL-100 is the World Energy Council’s Future Energy Leaders’ Programme. It is designed to inspire, develop, and grow the next generation of responsible global energy leaders. Most importantly, it is one of the key ways that the Council helps build capabilities to accelerate successful energy transition.

From podcasts on the energy transition and mentoring students to engaging in national policy initiatives, the FEL community builds on creative ideas and the innovative potential of the next generation. Future Energy Leaders challenge conventional thinking and explore new strategies for the future of our energy systems. The programme offers young professionals a unique opportunity for learning and development with exposure to critical issues in the energy debate.

By partnering with the World Energy Council, you can gain unparalleled access to the thinking behind the scenes of some of the world’s leading businesses – and help drive the global energy transition further and faster. Partners are vital to the Council, collaborating with our global network to lead the way in promoting innovation and cooperative “action learning”. As such, we offer a tailored and mutually beneficial relationship to each partner to enable both sides to achieve the greatest impact.

As a partner, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Speak directly to the people that matter, with exclusive introductions to senior policymakers and strategic decision-makers 

  • Influence and shape energy policy and strategy worldwide by contributing to our Transition Toolkit and Insight Workshops

  • Access new markets by building connections through our community 

  • Raise your profile in the energy world through our events, experiences, and innovation platforms 

  • Enable new partnerships for future projects through intelligent and innovative matchmaking 

  • Get exclusive access to strategic dialogue at our CEO and ministerial roundtables 









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