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The US Member Committee is hosted by the Electric Power Research Institute. The US Member Committee represents innovators, leaders and disruptors in the US energy community, bringing their voices to the global community of the World Energy Council. EPRI drives R&D involving hundreds of leading energy companies from across the US and around the world. The institute’s engagement will lend US and global organizations the benefit of one another’s insights and perspectives at a transformative time for the energy sector. EPRI’s focus on research and data-driven solutions closely aligns with the Council’s approach to equipping its network with practical “how-to” knowledge in managing the energy transition at all scales. The US is a founding member of the World Energy Council in 1923 and has hosted successful editions of the World Energy Congress in 1936, 1974 and 1998, fueling energy conversations amongst global powers.

Neil Wilmshurst is Senior Vice President of Energy System Resources for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). He has overall management and technical responsibility for the research and development activities conducted by EPRI with its global membership related to all generation sources and storage.
Wilmshurst joined EPRI in 2003 as a Senior Project Manager in the Plant Support Engineering program. In 2008, he became Director of the Plant Technology department. He was appointed as Vice President, Nuclear and Chief Nuclear Officer in 2010, where, until 2020, he led the sector through the impactful years following the Fukushima accident. During this time, the nuclear sector's global membership expanded to encompass more than 80% of the world's commercial nuclear fleet.
Before joining EPRI, Wilmshurst worked in various nuclear utility engineering and maintenance roles with AmerGen and Exelon at Three Mile Island Unit 1 and British Energy at Sizewell B. Before joining the civil nuclear program, Wilmshurst served 13 years in the Royal Navy as a Nuclear Submarine Engineer Officer.
Wilmshurst received a bachelor's degree in electrical, mechanical, and control engineering from the Royal Naval Engineering College, Manadon, a Post Graduate Diploma in nuclear reactor technology from the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, and a master's degree in defense administration from Cranfield Institute of Technology, Shrivenham. He was also certified as a Naval Nuclear Plant Operator.

Dr. Rosa Yang is a recognized nuclear industry leader with a proven track record engaging the support and cooperation of U.S. and international utilities, manufacturers and regulators to resolve key industry issues. A Fellow of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Dr. Yang is charged with leading EPRI’s engagement with international utilities and related organizations. Her mission is to foster relationships and develop research programs to enhance the safety and performance of nuclear plants worldwide.
Dr. Yang’s earlier contribution in EPRI focused on research activities leading to extending the cycle length and improving reliability for nuclear fuel under increasingly demanding operating conditions. Her most important contribution to the nuclear industry was the creation of the Fuel Reliability Program, with active participants from more than 10 countries. This program successfully resolved several critical industry issues impacting nuclear fuel reliability. Additionally, it conducted first-of- a-kind tests on loss-of-coolant accidents (LOCA) in hotcells with participation from international utilities and regulators. The results of these tests provided the technical basis for the current LOCA criteria.
As Director of the Materials and Chemistry, Dr. Yang guided a broad research portfolio enhancing scientific understanding of boiling and pressurized water reactor materials aging and degradation, water chemistry control, fuel reliability, spent fuel storage, nuclear waste disposal, and radiation control.
As Vice President of Technology Innovation, Dr. Yang re-focused resources toward high-reward strategic areas including carbon capture, energy storage, renewables, sensors, nano-technology and advanced materials. She actively promoted innovation and initiated a breakthrough program aimed at pursuing game-changing technological advancements in the electricity industry: e.g. the use of robotics revolutionizing transmission line inspection, and new advanced resins significantly reducing radiation dose and shortening outages for nuclear plants.
Before joining EPRI, Dr. Yang worked for General Electric developing the company’s fuel design and licensing code, leading several international fuel testing programs.
Dr. Yang earned her master’s and doctorate degrees in nuclear engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan.

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