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The European region has been intensively focusing on the studies of energy policies relating to the Energy Trilemma and energy scenarios studies, as both are relevant to EU energy market reform. The World Energy Council community works closely with key stakeholders at the European Union and runs workshops and EU-World Energy Council seminars. Both European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and European Investment Bank (EIB) work closely with the World Energy Council in the region. 

Energy in Europe

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Key critical uncertainties in Europe are associated with the technology cluster – developments in electric storage, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are followed with interest, but their applications are still facing doubts among legislators, consumers and companies. Intriguingly, the perceived levels of risk around digitalisation are varied between European states, showing lower levels of uncertainty in countries that have made more progress in the field. 

Concerns about market design remain high despite the progress of new EU energy market regulations being processed in the European Parliament. This highlights the persistence of uncertainties regarding the financing of future energy investments, electricity prices and increasing commodity price volatility.  

In terms of geopolitics, while the uncertainty about Russia has significantly reduced since last year, the potential impact associated with EU cohesion has increased in importance, in the context of Brexit negotiations and the outcome of the European Parliament elections. It is also notable that the potential impact of US Policy has considerably increased during the year in Europe.  

Key action priorities have remained current for Europe for number of years. Energy efficiency and renewables become even stronger investment priorities. This has been supported by increased energy and carbon prices in the EU and new regulatory frameworks developed under the new EU energy package. In parallel, energy and electricity prices have gained steam during 2018, delivering more financial confidence to EU market players while raising political issues in some European countries. 


World Energy Issues Monitor
World Energy Issues Monitor
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