Membership of the World Energy Council

Our global member community lies at the heart of the Council, connecting over 3,000 organisations and national Member Committees in nearly 100 countries. Our network of energy leaders, experts and young professionals are driving impact across the full energy ecosystem to make energy transitions happen faster, fairer and further. 

Our national Member Committees lead the energy debate and drive action at local, national and regional levels, bringing together decision makers from government, industry, finance, and civil society to shape the energy agenda. A national Member Committees aims to: 

  • Provide a platform for institutionalised and multi-stakeholder energy focused dialogue that incorporates all sectors across the energy spectrum and engages the energy plus community. 
  • Be the authoritative voice at a local level on energy using the Council’s fact based, impartial insights, tools, and best practices to drive the policy debate and provide business intelligence. 
  • Be the window to the world for the local energy scene. Showcase local best practices and innovation in a regional and global context, promoting international business opportunities and policy objectives. 
  • Provide networking opportunities across a worldwide network of members, including CEOs of major companies, government ministers and policymakers, regulators, investors, and experts. 
  • Drive action and achieve impact at local and regional levels by increasing social and environmental benefits, delivering ‘new’ solutions, and forging common sense. 

As a not-for-profit organisation the Council is funded by membership fees paid by national Member Committees. Fees are determined by a formula, calculated on an annual basis (mid-year) and are valid for the following calendar year. The Council has seven membership categories ranging between £8,317 and £62,663. 

Regional Network

With national Member Committees in Africa, South Asia and Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean, Middle East and Gulf States, and North America, the World Energy Council has a strong presence in all key regions across the globe. Our regional networks provide our members with further space for engagement, in addition to opportunities at the national and global level.

Regional activities are an important part of how we have meaningful conversations that advance our mission and humanising energy vision, and how we as a community drive action and achieve impact.

Through our regional networks, our national Member Committees collaborate cross-border to establish dialogue, foster an exchange of impartial views and best practice, and identify common areas of research and action to enhance regional integration, cooperation and accelerate energy transitions.

Regions are led by a Regional Vice Chair and a Regional Manager

The World Energy Council six regions are as follows:

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