FEL-100 initiatives

In addition to contributing to World Energy Council’s flagship study groups, the FEL develop their own series of ongoing initiatives.

FEL-100 Summit

Supported by the local country’s ministry of energy, this annual summit provides a platform for young leaders to explore critical issues in the energy agenda, providing a unique platform to develop global insight. High-level speakers and panellists include policymakers, industry leaders and carefully selected energy experts.

FEL-100 Congress

Every three years the FEL Congress is held in parallel with the Council’s World Energy Congress. With an integrated programme aimed specifically for future leaders, this premier energy gathering offers a unique opportunity to better understand energy issues and solutions from a global perspective.

During each Congress, the FEL-100 declare their vision for the future of global energy, outlining their priorities and agenda items. Learn more about last Congress’ Future Energy Leaders declaration.

The 24th World Energy Congress will be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2019.

FEL-100 Projects

The Future Energy Leaders’ (FEL) Projects form an integral part of the programme as they shape the development of the FEL community and provide unique opportunities for international cooperation. Through a flexible and interactive system, the programme enables FELs to design projects with valuable and interactive outputs – webinars, events, online tools, case studies, practical projects etc.

The Shades of Green – Energy Sustainability Criteria and Indicators 2019

Hydrogen, an enabler of the Grand Transition: FEL Position Paper

Emerging Opportunities Confronting Climate Change

The role of ICT in Energy Efficiency Management – Household Sector

Human Capital – Equity and Skilled Personnel for Energy Developments

Participation to the Council’s Working Groups

Future Energy Leaders take part in the production of the Council’s authoritative studies as experts or observers. Through the programme, they can directly develop their experience, knowledge and skills in an energy-focused environment, also contributing to the Council’s global dialogue.

FEL-100 Issues Monitor

The Issues Monitor is essential tool developed by the World Energy Council, which assesses the uncertainty, urgency and impact of critical issues in the future energy landscape. Future Energy Leaders (FEL) participate to the World Energy Issues Monitor and produce their own maps, which provide a unique comparative insight into the outlook of current and future leaders within the energy sector. Compare the FEL-100 maps with other maps available on our online tool: