Finland Member Committee

World Energy Council Finland ry


World Energy Council Finland ry or WEC Finland was founded in 1993 as a co-operation body for various companies and organisations in the energy sector. WEC Finland is a leading platform for energy producers, users and technology providers facilitating the energy policy dialogue and finding new strategic insights.
In order to achieve this aim WEC Finland organises various high-level events and activities. Co-operation activities include regular seminars as well as organising one of the biggest annual energy industry events. The WEC Finland also provides prices indexes for heavy fuel oil and coal. In addition, WEC Finland annually awards the best master’s thesis in fields of energy technology and energy economics in co-operation with Finnish Energy Economists. The WEC Finland is a National Member Committee of the World Energy Council, WEC.

Chair: Rami Vuola
Secretary: Helena Kivi-Koskinen

Helena Kivi-Koskinen, the Executive Director of Finnish Member Committee of the World Energy Council since 2017, holds a MSc in Political Science from University of Helsinki. After her studies she has been managing strategic sustainability issues in various businesses: retail; consulting and training; energy; and steel industries. She is specialized in environmental legislation, emission trading.