Latvian Member Committee

Pasaules Enerģijas padomes Latvijas Nacionālā komiteja

The main tasks of the Latvian Member Committee are to cooperate with the World Energy Council and the other National Committees, as well as other national and international energy organizations; encourage domestic energy exploration, extraction, recycling and efficient use; promote the transportation of imported energy resources, conversion and use in all respects;  address energy supply problems taking into account social and environmental aspects; act as an information coordinator to work with other energetic problem solving organizations; participate in congresses, assemblies, conferences, forums, and other events and to organize them; and disseminate information on its activities.

Chair: Namejs Zeltins

Namejs Zeltins has been the Chair of the Latvian Member Committee of the World Energy Council since 2001. He is also a Member of the European WEC Group, a Member of the Board of the National Energy Confederation, and a Professor at Riga Technical University. He is a Learned Secretary of the Nuclear Energy Competence Centre of LAS and a Member of the Advisory Editorial Board of Polish AS “Energy Policy Journal. He is the Head of the Energy Efficiency Centre, IPE LAS. His academic interests include fuel and energy complex planning, heat and gas supply systems, the energy market and energy utilisation.