Mexico Member Committee

Consejo Mundial de Energía, Capítulo México A.C.


The committee has three types of membership: public entities, private companies, and other academic and professional organizations. The principal governing body is the Members Assembly. The Board of Directors, which meets bimonthly, is composed of seventeen members representing the different groups of the three types of membership; these are elected officials, half of them elected every year. An executive committee of the Board has a president and four vice-presidents, two from the public sector and two from the private sector; they are assisted by an Executive Director and a Treasurer appointed by the committee members. Every two years, the presidency rotates between the public and private sectors.

Chair: Angélica Ruiz Celis
Secretary: Pablo Mulás

Dr Pablo Mulas del Pozo is the Secretary of the Mexico National Committee of the World Energy Council. Between 1999 and 2001, he was Regional Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean for the WEC, and was also Chairman of the Energy Market Reforms Study group from 2002 to 2004. Dr Mulas has a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science from the University of Ottowa and a PhD in Engineering from Princeton University. After acting as Chief Advisor to the Secretary of Energy, he was appointed Director of the Energy Program at the National University of Mexico in March 1997 and later held the position of Director of University Programs there. In April 2002, Dr Mulas joined the Metropolitan University in Mexico City as Adviser to the President. Four years later, he joined Mexico’s Electric Power Research Institute as a member of the research staff. Dr Mulas has also occupied the following roles: Director of the Nuclear Reactor Laboratories of the Nuclear Research Center of Mexico; Director of the Energy Resources Division; and President of Mexico’s Electric Power Research Institute.