Portugal Member Committee

Associação Portuguesa da Energia

Website: http://www.apenergia.pt

Associação Portuguesa de Energia is a non-governmental, non-profit charity, aiming to promote sustainable energy, through reflection, debate and targeted initiatives, which will improve the energy sector’s contribution to the Portuguese economy and quality of life. The Association is the national member committee of the World Energy Council, and has among its constituent members the main energy operators, industries and services companies.

Chair: Jorge Cruz Morais

Jorge Cruz Morais is the Chair of the Portuguese Energy Association, the national member committee of the World Energy Council. He holds a degree in electrical engineering (Instituto Superior Técnico, 1980) and a MBA (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1988). He began his career at EDP, in 1983, in Grid Distribution Development. He was a non-Executive Member of the Board of Directors of Turbogás (1998-2000), and of Electricidade dos Açores (1999-2000) and Board Member of the Centre for Energy Conservation (1993-1996). Between 2000 and 2004, he was an Executive Member of the Board of Directors of ONI SGPS and other companies in the ONI Group, having assumed the function of CFO between 2002 and 2004. In 2005 and 2006 he was the CFO at HC Energia and Naturgas Energia (both EDP Group). From 2006 until February 2012 he was an Executive Member of the Board of Directors of the EDP Group. Since February he has been the President of EDP Internacional and General Manager of the EDP Group.

Secretary: Bento de Morais Sarmento

Bento de Morais Sarmento was appointed Executive Secretary of the Associação Portuguesa da Energia, the Portuguese Member Committee of WEC, in October 2010. He holds degrees in Chemical Engineering (Instituto Superior Técnico, 1968) and Refining Engineering (Institute Français du Pétrole, 1973) and a MBA (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1986). He was appointed deputy-chairman at the Energy Emergencies Planning Board from the Ministry of Industry and Energy in 1986. He has also served as deputy director-general at the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology. He has been representative at several energy related international committees, namely at NATO, IEA and EU and participated in a few international missions.

Publications by the member committee:

Energy in Portugal: perspective of those who use it (July 2014)

Liberalização do mercado de electricidade – Ponto de situação (November 2014)

The study “Liberalisation of the electricity market – state of play”, developed by WEC and Deloitte, identifies the effects of competition for the household electricity consumers since 2011, when the switch from the regulated supplier to independent suppliers became significant. Among others the liberalisation brought benefits to the consumer, both in price and in better services.