Romanian Member Committee

Comitetul National Roman al Consiliului Mondial al Energiei


The WEC Romanian National Committee is a non- governmental organisation and a founding member of the World Energy Council. It is also a strategic partner in Romania’s sustainable energy development programme. WEC Romania offers useful and topical information for all forms of energy (coal, oil, gas, nuclear, hydro and renewable); has a steady communication strategy with its members, keeping them abreast with the latest energy policies;  represents the interests of its members within the meetings and events organised by WEC; and contributes to decision making at  worldwide level, with Romanian representatives in all of WEC’s Study Groups.

Chair: Iulian Iancu

Mr Iulian Iancu has been Chairman of the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council since 2004. He is the chairman of the Industry Commission within the Romanian Parliament, after having previously been Secretary of State within the Ministry of Economy and Trade between 2000-2004. Mr Iulian Iancu was Deputy Director General with Romanian Natural Gas Authority (ROMGAZ Medias) during 1999-2000, after having been nominated in several decision-making positions within the same company from 1985 until 1998. He graduated from the Institute of Oil and Gas in 1985 with doctorates in oil & gas and economics. He has authored over 30 scientific papers in the energy field nationally and abroad. During 2001-2004 he coordinated the drafting of the ”Romanian Energy Strategy – 2025,” for the best utilisation of renewables and energy efficiency in Romania.

Secretary: Gheorghe Balan

Mr Gheorghe Balan has been Secretary General (general director) of the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council since the year 2000. Between 1974-2000, Mr Balan was scientific director within the Energy Research and Modernising Institute (ICEMENERG) of Bucharest, after having formerly been director general of the Energy Modernising Enterprise (IRME) during 1960-1971. His professional activity has covered a wide range of works related to applicative research, electric equipment commissioning, energy quality, nuclear energy etc. He is the author of over 40 technical papers published in the specialty literature in the country and abroad and is also author and co-author of two technical books on neutral treatment and insulation coordination in the power system.

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