Swedish Member Committee

WEC-Svenska Nationalkommittén

The Swedish Member Committee of the World Energy Council consists of around 40 companies or organisations with interest in the energy field. There are many company members who provide electricity, gas, oil and heat to energy end consumers as well as company members who design and manufacture equipment related to energy conversion. Some of the members are associations representing many manufacturing or energy companies, and some governmental and academia functions are represented. All the members have specific interest in energy policy and technology development from a European and global perspective and find membership in the WEC to be valuable.

Chair: Maria Sunér Fleming

Mrs Maria Sunér Fleming is Director Energy and Climate Policies at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Sweden’s largest business federation representing 49 member organizations. In her role she focuses on Swedish and European energy and climate policy in a global context and the effect of these policies on the business sector. Previously Mrs. Sunér Fleming worked as Head of the Generation Unit, at Swedenergy, the organization representing the Swedish energy companies. Mrs Sunér Fleming’s experience also includes working as the Environmental Manager for Eon Nordic, as an Energy Expert at the Worldbank and as an Energy- and Environment consultant. Mrs Sunér Fleming is also a member of the WEC Studies Committee. Mrs. Sunér Fleming holds a M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology.

Secretary: Bosse Andersson