United Kingdom Member Committee


WEC-UK is designed to inform the national energy debate, bringing together decision makers from government, industry, finance and civil society to shape the national energy agenda. WEC-UK serves to:

Provide a platform for institutionalised and multi-stakeholder energy focused dialogue that incorporates all sectors across the energy spectrum.
Be the authoritative voice in the UK on energy using fact based, impartial studies and best practices to drive policy debate and business intelligence.
Be the window to the world for the UK energy scene, showcasing UK best practices and innovation in a regional and global context.
Provide networking opportunities across a worldwide network of members, including CEOs of major energy companies, government ministers and policymakers, regulators and energy experts.

Chair: Brent Cheshire

Brent Cheshire is Country Chairman of DONG Energy in the UK and Managing Director of DONG Energy Wind Power and has responsibility for Country management in the expanding overseas footprint. He has been with the Company since 2004 when he was appointed as its first UK employee and Managing Director for Exploration and Production (E&P). Over the last 12 years, he has developed the business into one of the largest acreage holders in the West of Shetlands and the leading offshore wind developer in the UK. DONG Energy is one of the largest investors in the UK offshore wind industry and has invested over £6 billion to date in its developments and operations, with a further £6 billion to be invested by 2020. DONG Energy also sells gas and electricity to the UK business market and will commence operations at its pioneering Renescience waste to green energy plant in Cheshire in 2017.
Prior to starting with DONG Energy, Brent worked for Amerada Hess Corporation filling a number of senior positions, latterly as Senior Vice President for E&P Worldwide Technology. Prior to that, he spent 14 years with Shell International Petroleum, much of it overseas. He is a geologist having graduated from Durham University, where he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate for his work assisting with the establishment of the University's Energy Institute. He is Fellow of the Geological Society and a Fellow of the Energy Institute.

Publications by the member committee:

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