Alda Manuel

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Alda Manuel

Energy Project Manager, German Economy Delegation

Alda Manuel is an Angolan Renewable Energy Specialist with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and currently pursuing an MSc in Energy Transition Systems and Technologies at the University of Aberdeen. She works as Energy Project Manager at German Economy Delegation in Angola, and she is a Member of the Board of the Angolan Association of Renewable Energy (ASAER), having previously co-founded EcoAngola, a sustainability promotion organization.

She is well versed in engaging with various stakeholders in the Angolan energy space and enhancing the energy transition in Angola, being engaged in the Germany-Angola H2 diplo Hydrogen project. In addition to energy, Alda is proficient in electrical installation, industrial generator synchronization and controller programming for renewable energy applications. Whilst she brings her on-grid, off-grid and hybrid photovoltaics projects throughout her experience in Anglobal, SA company as a Renewable Energy Project Manager. She worked at OpertecAngola as an Engineering Contract Manager, where she was responsible for designing, implementing procedures and preventive plans focused on minimizing facility inefficiencies and deficiencies. Her interests reflect the quality of education, gender equality and clean/accessible energy for all.

Alda is developing a platform called Tchossi Academic to improve access to teaching materials by providing an academic repository open to the public. The platform also aims to promote scientific research at universities and bridge the knowledge exchange gap through educational forums and technical webinars. Recently, she launched an educational program called "Protagonizando a sua história" in English (Protagonizing your story) to guide students in engineering and renewable energy, promote environmental education, influence women's inclusion in STEM and prepare them for the job market

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